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6 Ways A Motivational Speaker Can Boost Team Development

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Ways A Motivational Speaker Can Boost Team Development

Team spirit and individual vigor in organizations are developed over time.

These skills are honed as experience is gathered with new projects and ventures. But there is a lot an organization can do to usher in this development and contribute to its team member’s and the whole company's growth.

One very effective way is to bring in a motivational speaker to address your team. In this article, we will look at some invigorating ways in which a motivational speaker can boost your employees' spirits, offer inspiration, and help them move forward through doubt or uncertainty.

1. Inspire Your Team To Do More

Inspire Your Team To Do More

It is commonplace for companies to witness a slump or two in team spirit every once in a while.

Motivational speakers have themselves established their identities and risen to the top as a result of hard work, patience, discipline, and passion.

With their polished oratory skills, storytelling power, and thoroughly researched content, they have the rare ability to break the routine monotony of repetitive tasks and duties that have led to your team burning out.

A power talk by an impactful speaker can help them regain that lost enthusiasm.

2. Enhance Performance & Productivity

Enhance Performance & Productivity

Many corporate speakers today bring with them tried and tested, tools, techniques, and strategies to help their audience enhance their performance and productivity.

When combined with stories of grit and resilience, these tools can help your team rejuvenated with a new sense of energy.

Learning from the experience of other successful people, and getting to know how they kept going in the face of adversity or doubt, can help your team learn how to perform while they face their challenges.

To learn stories of others who have faced similar challenges and yet come out of those testing times with a happy and victorious ending can be a life-changing experience and can exponentially boost your team's performance and productivity.

3. Change Their Perspective

Change Their Perspective

Motivational speakers have seen people from all walks of life and their speeches are often drawn from what they have seen and experienced first-hand, and the lessons they learned along the way.

A well-established speaker has traveled the world and dealt with a vast variety of clients. Often with a similar set of challenges and roadblocks on their path. Many challenges faced by your company’s employees are similar to what these experts have experienced with other clients.

So, when your team gets to listen to someone who has a varied view of the world, they can take a leaf out of the speaker's book on how they can also handle the same situation differently, more efficiently, and grow from it.

Stress and strain are two things people across the board are bound to face. The speaker may be able to provide a fresh perspective on how to look at and deal with stress productively and healthily.

Your team can go from viewing stress as something that is demotivating and debilitating, to an indicator of something that can be used to improve and develop oneself. Gaining a new perspective can turn around how your employees handle a lot of things.

4. Get Your Team Engaged & Connected

Get Your Team Engaged & Connected

Lack of team spirit can give rise to recurring issues and concerns. These, in turn, can come in the way of realizing the full potential of each individual and lead to a waste of the company's resources as well.

Motivational speakers are well trained to handle team building topics and often come from varied industrial backgrounds themselves.

They can offer expert insights and success stories revolving around team spirit.

As a result, your teams are likely to end up feeling more in tune with themselves, and with each other and understand the importance of being a team player for their individual and company’s growth.

This individual well being within a company will increase team morale and also positively affect their productivity.

5. Proffer Necessary Guidance & Instil Creativity

Proffer Necessary Guidance & Instil Creativity

Professional motivational speakers in today's day are often also working as executive coaches and corporate trainers.

They can address a variety of business issues or concerns and offer solutions and guidance along the way.

These speakers can talk to your team members to take matters into their own hands and strive to arrive at conclusions independently. This is a great way to inspire your team to take the initiative and put their best foot forward.

A motivational speaker can greatly impact how your teams’ function. His/her creative approach can drive your employees to make use of new methods and techniques to contribute to the company.

And this new-found knowledge can instill in your team the zeal to take projects to the next level, aim higher, and achieve greatness each day!

6. Reinvigorate Company Goals

Reinvigorate Company Goals

Many times the management's mission and vision that drives them personally, may not necessarily reach their employees as clearly as it is defined for them.

This gap in communication and ambiguity can often lead to reduced output from your employees.

As when the goal ahead is unclear, it becomes difficult to focus attention and energy towards its accomplishment.

This is where a motivational speaker steps in. They can make sense of the company's vision, mission, long term, and short-term goals and present it to your teams in bite-sized chunks that are easily understood and imbibed.

This repackaging of information and guidance can help team leaders by giving them the map they need to redirect their team's focus and energy towards fulfilling organizational goals.

Final words:

A motivational speaker can play a crucial role in boosting the overall development of your team; whether it's teaching them new skills, dispelling negative and self-limiting beliefs or just lifting their spirits in general.

They have that rare ability to electrify an audience while delivering a highly engaging, insightful and real power talk that leads to individuals seeing their lives in a new light, feeling a strong sense of inspiration and taking with them life-transforming concepts that ring in their ears and reflect in their daily lives for years to come.

So, get going and hire a motivational speaker for your next conference today!


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