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You are one decision away from a

totally different life.


Hi I am Deepti Pathak.

Born into a loving family, I grew up a happy child; with big dreams and an even bigger smile. I flitted through life unfazed by its challenges, I was unstoppable. Until...


Life dealt me a blow so hard that any child or young adult would find difficult to come out of unscathed. I lost my loving mother to a traumatic accident at the age of 16.


The 2 years that followed were devoid of any happy memories, I struggled to get out of bed every morning and I cried alone for hours in a dark room every evening. While I acknowledged the loss and knew I should get up and move, anxiety and depression knocked me right back down into the same spot every day. 


I vividly remember that day when I decided, decided that I don’t want to experience this physical and emotional anguish anymore. That I will find a way to pull myself out of this misery,  a way to look forward to the life I have ahead of me and cherish the doting father I am lucky to still have with me.


I decided that someday I am going to master success and I will build a successful life that has everything; fame, money, love, health, happiness and deep fulfilment.

Just One Decision Changed My Whole Life.

On my quest to find meaningful success, I remember looking at people who had it all together; money, health, happiness, love.. I met people in relationships, married for 5-10-15 years, who still seemed to have passion, excitement, and love just like newlyweds. 


As I met these people I remember wondering; why was life so challenging for so many people while some others seem to have it all. I remember thinking to myself; “It can't all just be luck. There has to be more to it. Probably these people who live beautiful lives know something more, maybe they know some secrets that the other's do not.” 


If you want anything in life, you’ve got to make it a study. 


And I wanted to be successful in all areas of life. So I decided to study success…


Over the last 14 years, I have worked tirelessly to mold myself from an ordinary girl into the powerful boss woman you know today. And I have learned that it's not people’s background that makes them successful, it's their psychology, it's their mindset.


People who have everything and I do mean everything, they do a few things differently from others, not too many, just a few. They use their minds just a little differently. 


I have seen massive challenges in my life and I have persevered through all of them, always having found the zeal to give my best. I can assure you that if I could, I know anyone of you can.


And that’s why I am here to help you, I am here to show you and I am here to teach you how to create the life of your dreams. 


Just like I did... 

The human brain is the best most powerful computer in the world and we’ve got this great machine but no one gave us the owner's manual to it. There are certain fundamentals that define human behavior and if we understand them we can start to utilize them.


Everything we do in life is 80% Psychology and just 20% Skill. 



It’s not peoples background that makes them successful! It's their psychology. It’s their mindset. Because going from impossible to possible and from I can’t to I can and I will is just a science. 

Deepti Pathak

All it takes to achieve anything is an ATTITUDE! 

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