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Deepti Pathak Company


Deepti Pathak Company is a people development and training firm established to empower individuals and organisations to make significant improvements in their performance levels and lives.


At Deepti Pathak Company, We are dedicated to inducing a positive change in the lives of leaders and organisations by educating, mentoring and coaching them in the psychology of peak performance, leadership, mindset and success strategies; helping them magnify their efforts towards achieving the greater good for mankind on every level.


Our training modules are a strategy. A step by step approach of things you can do to be able to deal with real-life challenges and turn them around, Now!


We bring forward proven leading-edge techniques of personal mastery, leadership and influence in an interactive, inspiring and entertaining environment. In our workshops, you will learn the technology that will recondition your mind, change the way you feel, the way you behave and act forever. Literally!


If you’ve tried lots of programs in the past and nothing’s quite kicked you over the edge. You're going to find that the technology that Deepti shares with you, is different from anything else you’ve heard before. It won't just be affirmations or positive thinking, you’re going to understand how your brain really works. You will learn a series of technological breakthroughs and many other sciences. Where many training resources only focus on skill enhancement and goal-setting, our training modules go much deeper to explore the psychology underlying people's difficulties with personal growth, emotional intelligence and self-management.

Our training can be customised for a fast-paced 60-minute power talk, perfectly suited for an annual celebration or a detailed 2-Day leadership development workshop. Deepti also takes up a limited number of 1:1 bespoke executive coaching assignments for top leaders every year.



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