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Award Winning Eexcutive Coach & People Development Specialist 

Awarded the prestigious Business World 40 Under 40 across the Wellbeing sector and recognised among the Top 10 CEOs 2021 by Women Entrepreneur India. Deepti is an Executive Coach, People Development Specialist and Licensed NLP practitioner, trained by the best and most renowned name in human psychology in the globe, the father of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler in London.


After a fast-paced corporate career of over 13 years, Deepti decided to pursue her passion and launch her people development firm in March’2018. Since then Deepti has helped thousands of people learn tools of personal mastery, leadership and influence, through what we believe are some of the most powerful and transformative ideas that you’ve ever been exposed to. She works with Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, Top Management Institutions and Ambitious Individuals who wish to scale new heights. 

Give Your Audience More Than Just Inspiration

Think about it, if your employees or your clients' teams could produce just 10% more than they do now, what would that mean to your top-line growth?
People Development Training can bring about greater productivity, peak performance and the “Can Do” attitude in every area of your business. Personal growth in the workplace directly reflects into high-quality job performance, increases confidence and makes your employees take ownership; ultimately increasing the bottom line. 
Everything we do in life is 80% psychology and just 20% skill. Give your employees the opportunity to learn this 80%
Deepti’s trainings are fast-paced, informative, and enjoyable, accompanied by humour and real-time industry anecdotes, her personalized Power Talk, workshops and coaching sessions are known to inspire and transform people, helping them build a winning mindset in less than 90 minutes. May you have an annual celebration or strategy meet, she can break through the monotony that a conference brings and give your audience a taste of limitless possibilities, carefully blended with the event's agenda.



Imagine a world where we wake up inspired. Imagine a world where we feel fulfilled by what we do. 

Get the insight, strategies and tools you need to rise up to the next level. Create stellar results with your Employees, Audiences and Clients. Our Workshops are a step towards impacting a lasting change. 

Looking for an Executive Coach, a Keynote Speaker or
a Leadership Development Workshop?


If you’re looking for someone remarkable on the topic of motivation, personal mastery, leadership, influence or change, you just found her. 


Deepti’s message is deeply relatable, actionable, and proven. Whether you’re trying to motivate 5,000 sales managers in an auditorium or a dozen Fortune 500 executives in a boardroom, she will not only inspire your audience, but she will also teach them how it's done with proven leading-edge techniques used across the world. 


Everything she speaks is backed with science. 


If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.





Deepti holds the rare ability to electrify an audience while delivering a highly engaging, insightful and real power talk that leads to individuals seeing their lives in a new light, feeling a strong sense of inspiration and taking with them life-transforming concepts that ring in their ears and reflect in their daily lives for years to come.



Trained by the best minds across the globe, an expert in people development and human behaviour Deepti helps her audience regain the enthusiasm to succeed in any personal or professional setting.

She is a 


Deepti is a storyteller and there’s nothing more compelling than a vivid story that reminds us of the magic of the human experience.

Collective Ownership

It’s All About You.

Deepti considers herself to be an extension of your training department and brings in a sense of collective ownership of brand and ideas.​

Proven &


Deepti brings proven leading-edge techniques used across the world that are reinforced by scientific neurological facts to help embed learning, delivered using case studies and exercises in an interactive environment.​

The world today is more dynamic and uncertain than ever before. We live today in a golden age, this is an era that humanity has looked forward to, dreamed of and worked towards for thousands of years, an era where we have the platform of in-numerous opportunities. 


Today, you can have everything you could need to build the life of your dreams. All you need is to decide, decide to become the best version of yourself and I promise you that it will be the most rewarding decision you ever make. 


Your future is yours to shape and I believe that we are all born to succeed.


Deepti Pathak

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Business Meeting


How can I define Deepti? Friend, guide, coach. She is all this in spades. Deepti has transformed the way I look at life and myself. Together we have put myself on to a high achievement and fulfilling life path. She has the great attributes of putting complex constructs in a simple, engaging and useful manner, seamlessly moving from theory to practice. Anyone out there who feels they are stuck in their life or career, or even people who feel they are achieving a lot - I would strongly urge - to leverage Deepti - she will help you find that additional gear, focus, drive and element of fulfilment. Thanks, Deepti for being my coach. - Amit Mathur, VP Paytm

Deepti is an experienced leadership mentor and coach who blends her intuitive ideas with deep understanding of human psychology. She has a friendly and accessible personality which helps her to connect with her mentees. She has also seen the corporate world and leadership roles up close and personal and brings in that experience into her coaching sessions. I wish to see her excelling and scaling new heights by helping more professionals. Being mentored by Deepti is an unique experience which can have a life-changing impact on a leader who is looking for that “next level” by overcoming those “blind spots”. - Arijit Basu, Executive Director Veedol

The Journey of Executive Coaching with Deepti was amazing and life-changing. She is extremely positive minded and focused on understanding and influencing the professional and personal aspects for me including changing Belief Systems, conditioning and aspects of Emotional Intelligence. She was well-prepared before the sessions and acted as an anchor for me during our Coaching. Sugandha Sinha - Relationship Director, Barclays Financial Services

This woman is the real Deal! She will get you back on track in your life in the most efficient way possible!!! 

Cody H - CEO, Virginia USA

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