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When I reached out to Deepti I had lost all confidence in myself, having a business that had failed, I just felt like my life was over. I didn’t know how to turn that around and I found Deepti, she was God sent. Everything changed! She pushed some buttons in me that I was not even aware existed. She made me face my fears and lead me to follow my passion. She made me understand the reasons behind the failure of my previous business and pushed me to start afresh. Sometimes you need someone to tell you the things you need to hear, not what you want to hear and Deepti has the innate ability to do that. If you are thinking about doing this program, I highly recommend it. I used to think coaching was a joke, I used to think “who can tell me how to do things in my life” but I was wrong. There are things that you don’t want to see about yourself and that’s why getting a mentor is so important. A good one, someone who has integrity, passion and genuine interest in your success. And there is no one better than Deepti.

DS - Founder & CEO

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