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Importance of Personal Mastery in Modern Organizational Management

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The soul of any business is the team, and unless we groom and inspire our teams to produce their very best work no organisation can ever achieve their ultimate vision.

In the face of the drastic disruption that is here and coming, over the next decade, the organizations that see employees as the most valuable part of the business and not just cogs in the machine, will produce phenomenal results. While others who fail to understand this or are too rigid to accept and make the shift will eventually perish.

"Organizations learn only through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning. But without it no organizational learning occurs.” Peter Senge

All of the great companies have similar traits, and their most significant strength is their culture and the ability to develop, maintain, and retain their unique culture over the daily struggles and challenges in the life of the company. Increased profits are a byproduct of a great culture.

The pandemic has brought some unprecedented changes to the world and the way we think. In this time of rapid change, only those who are flexible, adaptive and productive will excel.

Growth-oriented organisations are where people continually expand their potential to produce the results they desire, where new and innovative patterns of thinking are nurtured. In these times embracing personal mastery can bring massive rewards for an organisation.

What is Personal Mastery?

Personal Mastery is not a state of mind to achieve but a way of life to incorporate. Personal mastery is the process of living and working purposefully towards a vision and in a state of constant learning about oneself and your reality.

It is an involved approach that builds a team's capability to achieve short and long-term goals. Helping organisations become more self-aware and identify gaps that they need to overcome to be able to achieve their ultimate vision. Personal Mastery and Self-leadership can be considered one and the same.

"To be confident, competent, goal-oriented high performers we must first master ourselves."

To understand Personal Mastery better, let’s dive into its essential characteristics.

Continuous Growth