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How to Utilize Your Music Playlist to Improve Productivity

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We all know that music is a huge part of human life. The gentle keys, lyrics, and groovy beats affect our mood and emotions in more ways than one. 

Music can be used to lift us up.

It offers a delightful break from reality.

And music can also help us concentrate.

Numerous studies have shown, time and again, the positive effect that music can have in the workplace. And it isn't all that surprising, either. Music fills up a room - and thus, it can make even the dreariest cubicle filled offices feel livelier. This effect then directly lightens the people who are working, making them feel more in tune with the work they are doing.

In today's age of Spotify and Shazam, brilliant and inspiring music is just a tap away. You can listen to your playlists anywhere, anytime. And that is precisely why you need to know how you can utilise them in ways that can help you get the most out of your workday.

Read on to know more;

1. Listen To Music That Sets Your Mood

There is an undeniable ease and flow that comes to us when we go about doing a task with some sweet music playing in the background. We feel more positive and even the most repetitive tasks can feel a little less heavy.

A study conducted by Kevin Kniffin, a scientist at Cornell University showed that happy music contributes positively to cooperative behavior.

A mundane day can be turned around into one filled with motivation with the help of the right kind of music. And once you get a hold of the music that works for you, you will notice how it pushes you to do better each day.

2. Work Music Should Help You Focus

The whole point of listening to music in a workplace is to enhance your ability to focus. That, in turn, helps you be more productive. To ensure that happens, you can take certain measures while creating your work playlist.