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From rooms full of executives and key stakeholders in companies to students of management institutions, every audience receives Deepti’s message in a customized, interactive, and entertaining way. Every speech is tailored carefully to blend with the event’s agenda and is modified to send your audience into the world with actionable tools, confidence, and the power to deal with real-life challenges and turn them around, now!


Below are topics that Deepti has hand-crafted using proven leading-edge techniques used across the world, scientific neurological facts and her expertise in human behaviour, that are delivered using case studies, historical storytelling and exercises in an interactive environment.


Mastering Leadership & Influence


Extraordinary leaders inspire, but just how do they do it? What sets a good leader apart from a mediocre one? An extraordinary leader is a person who has learned how to influence people, including their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Leaders inspire their entire company and show each employee how much is possible. An insightful leader can get more out of themselves and their team every day. The truth is, people are not born with outstanding leadership skills. Leadership qualities are like a muscle that need to be strengthened. 


In this inspirational power talk, Deepti will help you activate these skills through scientific insights, tool and strategies that you’ve never heard before. She will teach you the primary tools of influence, persuasion and how to induce lasting change. You will leave this motivational talk with key objectives for professional and personal growth, and the knowledge and inspiration to become the leader you want to be.


Learning Objectives

Identify key areas to raise your leadership game.

Science of Persuasion

Primary Tools of Influence

Steps to create lasting behavioural Change

Tools of Personal & Professional Growth




Selling: How to master professional selling.


For your business to be successful, your sales team needs to do more than just sell your product or service. They need to sell your business at its essence – its identity. Sales is not about selling anymore, but it’s about building relationships and trust because people don’t buy products they buy feelings and identities. Ways to increase sales should always be on your company’s agenda as a means of explosive growth. 


In this fascinating talk, Deepti will help you identify the key areas to raise your sales game by helping you understand the patterns of thought, behaviour, and human perception. She will reveal the secret strategies of the world’s best Sales professionals and she will teach you the primary tools of influence and persuasion.


Learning Objectives

Identify key areas to raise your sales game.

5 steps to mastering anything.

Strategies of top sales professionals.

Science of persuasion.

Primary tools of influence

Tools of personal & professional growth




Leading Women: Exciting new scientific breakthroughs for women, their career growth and success 


In the 21st century, the role of women as leaders in companies all over the world is growing by leaps and bounds. Today there is a greater understanding of the value women can bring to the table and according to a McKinsey Global Institute report, women in the workforce make a global average of 40% across the globe. Companies across the world recognize the need to empower women leaders, but will we seize the opportunity and be able to change? Yes, the bias is real, but the greatest forces stopping women today are often Self-Imposed. 


In this empowering talk, Deepti teaches women executives what they need to know to raise their hand and participate, raise their voice and be heard, and raise their professional game and be rewarded. An enlightening talk in which Deepti shares a step by step approach of things that women can do to be able to deal with real-life challenges and turn them around, now!


Learning Objectives

How to achieve what you really want 

What shapes human behavior

Break down years of social conditioning

Learn how to achieve your highest potential.

Master your emotions

Tools of Personal & Professional Growth




Key To Personal Power


Think about it, if your employees or your clients' teams could produce just 10% more than they do now, what would that mean to your top-line growth? 


Deepti’s message is deeply relatable, actionable, and proven. She understands what can energize your team and fuel a positive change. In this inspirational talk, she will share the secrets of bringing about bout greater productivity, peak performance and the “can do” attitude in every area of your business. She will electrify your audience while delivering a highly engaging, insightful and real power talk that leads to individuals seeing their lives in a new light, feeling a strong sense of inspiration and taking with them life-transforming concepts that ring in their ears and reflect in their daily lives for years to come.


Learning Objectives

Bring about greater productivity

Break down years of social conditioning

Learn how to achieve your highest potential.

Master your emotions

Tools of Personal & Professional Growth


We can customise a personal development workshop based on your audience needs and event requirements and help you bring about greater productivity, peak performance and the “Can Do” attitude in every area of your business.


Personal growth in the workplace directly reflects into high-quality job performance, increases confidence and makes your employees take ownership; ultimately increasing the bottom line. 


If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.



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